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The School Lunch Experience
The School Lunch Experience
What can the District do to improve the school lunch experience for our students?
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The School Lunch Experience

Schools have a responsibility to create an environment that supports and encourages healthy eating. At the Iowa City Community school District we take this responsibility very seriously and we are working hard to provide nutritious and delicious meals for all our students. We know that kids are better able to learn if they are well fed.

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Learn more about what our district is doing to provide healthy school lunches.
Susie P
Thank you for the comments and ideas to increase the amount of time that students have to eat. The district is assessing this situation and has implemented some changes in buildings to improve the situation. Half of the elementary buildings have recess before lunch for at least some of the grades, which has helped improve overall eating. We also are working with lunchroom staff to make sure they allow children the time they need to finish their food, as well as encourage children to focus on eating and try all their food. Lunch time is affected by multiple factors, including the number of hours in the school day, space in buildings, and staff resources for safe supervision of lunch and recess. Thank you for your interest and feedback as we continue to make progress with providing a nutritious and pleasant lunch experience for our students.

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